East Salalah and Mirbat Tour Sumhuram at Khor Rori


Travel to the ruins of Sumhuram at Khor Rori
Explore the Taqa village with its long beach and beautiful cornische
Drive through the mountains of Al Qara

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Accompanied by a local guide from the region, seize the opportunity to explore the scenic
beauty, discover the extraordinary history of East Salalah and Mirbat and visit astounding
historical sights of the region like the ruins of Sumhuram at Khowr Rawri – the site of the
legendary palace of the Queen of Sheba

The tour will start from your accommodation or hotel or Port .

The journey
through East Salalah will take you alongside the Royal Farm and the Mamura Palace on the
way to the ruins of Sumhuram at Khowr Rawri, the site that once held the palace of the
Queen of Sheba and to the remains of the ancient port of Sumhuram.
After visiting the historical sites, the tour will continue to the coastal town of Mirbat. Mirbat
hosts the final resting place of Mohammad bin Ali at the Bin Ali Mosque and vicinity to the
quaint village of Taqa. Here you will be able to stroll through the village and see a collection
of old Dhofari style traditional houses and step over the village harbor. The route back to
your hotel will take you through the lush fascinating Al Qara mountains before reaching the
end of the tour.

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