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Starwatching Private Camp

Desert Private Camping – Starwatching Private Camp at Bidiyah, Ash Sharqiyah North, Oman.

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Starwatching Private Camp & ShootingStar Private Camp 


In prestigious location, in the Wahiba Sands, the iconic Starwatching Private Camp has opened its luxury traditional tents in 2017 welcoming to show its revamped lavishness and grandeur as one of the famous luxury desert hotels.

Experience a Desert Night in one of our unique camps in Oman’s Sharqiyah Sands Desert also called the Wahiba Sands

Desert Private Camping Company set Glamping Tents and support stays in Bedouin Houses in highly desired locations, which has natural beauty and dramatic vistas of beautiful dunes
Each setup with a maximum of 1-2 rooms are in this beloved desert locations, which is home of the bedouin’s, and will let you dip into its storied history.

Our setups are not just a desert stay, they are stylish historic, luxury touched homes, to feel real culture and tranquillity.

We are setting up for you the most unique desert camps, which keeps Omani culture in first priority.

Each part of our tents or rooms showcasing the traditional essence of Omani hospitality and our staff will let you feel home in our home.

The design has elegance and historical elements, which showcase the traditional spirit and modern style, fashionable & nostalgic.

Modern sandy tones and pastel colours will let you feel, that it’s carefully designed in harmony with nature.

Starwatching Private Camp

has only 2 Tents 1 Starwatching Standard Tent & 1 Traditional Tent

Perfect stay for small families or friends couples or those wishes to experience the privacy in our non-crowded Glamping-Setup for maximum 5 people.

ShootingStar Private Camp

has only 2 chalets build from Palm-fronds for a private and real traditional stay on the top of the dunes for a spectacular sunset and sunrise view. It also has also 1 Starwatching Private Tent with its own Sitting and Bathroom for most private stay for a couple.

This setup fits 2 people in the private tent and 4 people in the chalets. 

Private Desert Bedouin Houses – arrival by camels 

Are build from Palm-fronds – Managed by a Bedouins and suits for private and real traditional stay for couples, small families or also small private groups to experience the privacy in Bedouin style in between of the beautiful dunes.

This camp can be reached by camels and you can book camel trekking 1-2 hours or many days. 


Each tent or room features a twin or queen size bed with carefully chosen matching details such as solar lights and candles, traditional furniture and decorative Iranian or traditional carpeting.



The Majlis (Living room or outside sitting area) is at night softly lighted from solar powered lights and carpeted for perfect home-feeling . Our custom-designed sitting furniture embody a charming vintage with a uniquely traditional, creative slant. Opend in front to lay down relaxed after dinner time, it welcomes guests throughout all night for watching the millions of stars and during the day for meditation or yoga or just to relax. Open and warmly shadowing during the day, once the sun comes up.



Our Camps dining area is designed to give you outdoor space for lovely under stars candlelight dinner with a bonfire place for warm gathering at cooler nights.

Few things are to remember before booking a your travel or a tour to Oman:

* Tourism in Oman is much different from many western countries. We are dealing with Locals and local mentality. There is no small print or regulations, a deal is simply a deal. But local culture here also means, family and own life first! So we respectfully ask to be kind with the mentality of local people if something not so perfect as you maybe expect from the Western World. 

* To prepare your travelling requirements, be as specific as possible and inform us about each detail, which may is important for you.

*Oman is a developing and changing country, government regulations can change from day to day. Of course this can affect our trip schedule and is for everybody part of reality.

* If you travel in a group, communication should be only through one person.

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