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Here some useful tips before travelling to Oman


Region: Middle East

Capital: Muscat / Muscat

Time zone: UTC +4

Area code: +968

Currency: 1 Rial Omani = 1000 Baiza currency converter



Public holidays

Islamic holidays are determined by the lunar cycle and change from year to year.
National holiday: 18 November (founded in 1970)

Geographical classification

Oman is situated on the eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula, bordering Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates in the west and Yemen.


220/240 V, 50 Hz. Suitable adapters can be purchased.




The state religion is Islam (88%), the largest group is the Ibadites, after which Sunnis are about 25% and Shiites about 4%.


Arabic is an official language, English is widely used as business language


Oman has the international airport Muscat (MCT) (Seeb International) and Salalah international airport, domestic flights are offered to Sohar.
Trains do not run, but are planned. The main roads are great, if you drive off-road, always have a spare wheel ready.
Taxis and car rental are available in the larger cities.


1 Rial Omani (OR) = 1000 Baiza. 1 OMR = 2.65 USD (as of 1 October 2017)

Important behavior

The Islamic ibadi religion shapes the entire private and public life - is very tolerant and you can freely devote yourself to other beliefs, but you should move with respect in the Islamic country because of the children. Therefore your summer clothes should not be too tight or free.
In Ramadan (fasting month), public life has changed. During this time is in the public eating, drinking or smoking not desired.
Military equipment and police may not be photographed.

Statistical data

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Security Oman:

Oman is one of the safest countries in the world

Foreign ministries

News channels 

Contact addresses Oman:

The contact details for embassies and consulates can be found on the following pages:

Representation of the Federal Republic of Germany in Oman: Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

Representation of Switzerland in Oman: Consulate General of Switzerland

Representative of Austria in Oman: Embassy of Austria

Representative of America in Oman: Embassy of America

All other embassies you can find here : Embassies in Oman

Current import and entry regulations can be found on the pages of the foreign ministries:

About Oman:

General information:

Health and safety:

Environmental information:

Hygiene in Oman


Safe drinking water can be bought from sealed bottles.
Water from pipes is from wells or is from seawater desalination plants, but not suitable for drinking.

Health care:

Health care is good quality but a travel insurance is always useful!

Climate in Oman:

In the winter season, the weather in Wahiba Sands Desert is warm during the day and cool at night

We will inform you in good time of any changes that may affect your stay.

You can also find weather warnings online here:

HEWS - Humanitarian Early Warning Service

World Meteorological Organization

Hotline: Healthcare Questions, Theme Travel: 0900-1234 999 (€ 1,86 / Min.)

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